Drag Engraver

CNC Drag Engraver – Magnetically Retained


When drag engraving our spindle squares there was an operator error moving the diamond off the edge of the stock and back over again. This caused the diamond to break free from the tool. Of course this was also the last tip. The tips were $25 and required the entire tool to be disassembled. You had to custom order or make one of the tips from scratch. The wait time would be another week and this wasn’t acceptable. You couldn’t run down to your ace warehouse and pick up what you needed. There had to be a better way that was more economical, easier, available and worked on our smaller machines that didn’t the ability to use large collets.


  • Uses 1/8 x 1″ carbide or diamond tools, dremel: #9924 (included 60 Degree Carbide 1/8 x 1″)
  • Dimensions: 1/4″ x 1.625″
  • Materials:
    • Body – 303 Stainless Steel
    • Bushing – Natural Nylon
    • Spring (4.2lbs) – 302 Stainless Steel
    • Spring Pin – 420 Stainless Steel
    • Magnet – N52 Chrome Plated
  • Lubrication: Dynatex 49550 Industrial Aluminum Anti-Seize and Lubricating Compound


  1. Turn off your machine before loading tool
  2. Load Drag Engraver into collet (designed for collets, not to be used in an endmill holder or shrink fit tooling). Tighten to 10-15 inch-pounds.
  3. Insert engraving bit. It should slide in freely.
  4. Turn on machine and keep the spindle off (the spindle should be off for this tool).
  5. Set the tool into the work piece and drop the engraver .005 to .020″ depending on depth of engraving desired.
  6. Engage or use machine with a retract of .125″ clearance height.
  7. Use the engraving bit from here as you would another tool.

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Drag Engraver $28 + $2 S/H