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Latest news

Byadmin Aug 27, 2020

New Desktop Spindle Square has arrived

We have had many requests to build a Desktop Spindle Square specifically for desktop machines that have limited z-travel and smaller collet selec

Byadmin Aug 7, 2020

Wonderful Bridgeport Restoration

Check out this amazing restoration in progress of a classic Bridgeport. Mark used one of our Drag Engravers to build the scales for the differe

Byadmin Jun 1, 2020

Metric Spindle Square Mention on Youtube

Mark Presling was kind enough to mention us on his YouTube channel when talking about what the budget is for owning a BridgePort style milling ma

Byadmin Apr 29, 2020

Custom Spindle Squares

Do you have a custom router and can't find an easy way to tram it in? We offer custom shanks for all of our spindle squares to fit the limited

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