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Mark Presling’s 30K Subscriber Tool Giveaway

Check out Mark Presling’s channel on YouTube. He just hit 30,000 subscribers and is doing a tool give away.

Our New MagPens are Live!

We are pricing them at $30 plus shipping. Check them out at:

New Magnetic Pickup Tools Coming Soon!

We have a new generation of Magnetic Pickup Tools coming soon. We are waiting to build up an inventory of supplies on those, but in the meantime here is a preview with related specifications:

-Made of Nylon 12 using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion Technology
-Stainless Hardware
-Utilizes N52 magnets with 2-3 lbs of lifting capacity at the magnet
-Bronze Oil-lite Bearing for Smooth Operation
-Magnetically Retained Cap
-Velvet Pen Pouch for Safe Storage

Nice callout from our friend at Reignited

We built some adapter plates to help our friend over at Reignited twin charge a Hemi Engine. It should be a heck of a build!

Price Changes

We are raising prices on several of our popular products 5-7%. The two primary reasons for the price increases are due to the cost of materials and the cost of doing business online. 1) We have seen a raise in our aluminum, steel, and brass costs. Aluminum being the most note worthy for us seeing a raise of over 70% in the last year alone. While we expect these prices to come down over time they probably won’t reach prior lows. 2) Paypal our online payment system also has increased the rate they charge by an additional 1-2% for every transaction.

Unboxing a Metric Spindle Square

Aaron from Aaron Engineering on Youtube just published this video giving a quick unboxing of one our Metric Spindle Squares. He also gave her a quick try on his desktop drill press. The initial tram was actually pretty impressive!

Minor Shipping Delays 2/12/21-2/19/21

We are experiencing some abnormal weather conditions that have caused power and internet outages. It also has caused some delays with supply shipments. Please expect orders to take an additional 2-4 business days during this week as the ice thaws out and services start to return to normal.

International Shipping Delays

We have had several delays in international shipping for both United States Postal Service First Class and Priority Mail shipping. Guarantees from all international shipping providers have been suspended due to Covid-19. Please understand if you are ordering internationally shipping times may vary drastically. It is our policy to offer a refund if the order doesn’t arrive in 12 weeks from ship date with international shipping per industry standards during this time.

There doesn’t seem to be a systematic reason for the delays. As an example have had First Class Packages arrive in the UK, Finland and Australia in 3-4 weeks while packages to Germany have taken 11 weeks.

If you need your order shipping quicker we can work with UPS but the costs will likely exceed the cost of the order. Please contact us for more information

You can read more about the international shipping delays at:

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