Magnets and Stickers

Thread Depth Magnet

We designed this 3″ x 3″ magnet as a quick reference chart that can be placed on your lathe to help when single point threading. It provides you the depth of cut for how much to move your cross feed while set at 30 Degrees in to cut SAE threads. It also lists the formulas if you have an oddball pitch diameter. Of course this magnet should be used for reference only and all threads should be carefully measured.

BR Circle Sticker

This is a 3″ clear vinyl sticker with the BR Boring Research Logo on it. It is great to share your favorite brand or place on your sticker board.

Boring Research Sticker

This 3″ x 1″ sticker is what we ship with every order we receive. If you would like some additional you can order it here.


Thread Depth Magnet $4

BR Circle Sticker $2

Boring Research Sticker $1

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