Monthly Archive April 25, 2017

Rucker Run Complete

We are caught up to orders from April 18th. The large set of orders that came in through the mill tramming video seems to be slowing down to normal numbers.

Please let us know if you have any feedback about your spindle squares.

Progress on Rucker Run

Well it has been a busy few days but we got a bunch of orders out. The post office was kind enough to give us an instruction sheet in the future on how to handle large package pickups/deliveries in the future …

We are caught up into orders from the 4th of March which is when thing started slowing down from that major influx. The hope here is within the week to get completely caught up. I don’t believe we have gone past the 2 week estimate provided to any customers.

Many should have received their orders so of course as this is a fairly new product we welcome feedback, suggestions and feedback.

Keith Rucker and General Spindle Square Update

Keith Rucker was nice enough to send along a thank you note as well as some of his stickers. I just thought it was a very class act thing to do. I am not sure if everyone would be so formal to follow up.

We have been making good progress on the large influx of orders though. Catching up until March 3rd where we got about half of them done. We are waiting on supplies that were ordered that day. Hopefully we get everything we need by this Wednesday and can get into March 4th orders by mid to late this week.

Wind Storm and Update

We had an exciting day here in the Portland area with a late winter wind storm. We lost power at the shop for a good portion of the day slowing us out a bit:

Luckily no real damage to the area just time 🙂

On the plus side there was some progress and plan to get caught up to our orders from April 3rd tomorrow which means they will go out on April 10th.

We appreciate all of the kind words and folks understanding with the delay given the large influx of orders we got from the video series.

Progress being Made

We shipped out a group of spindle squares today based on what materials we had in stock. We still need more indicators, hardware, and raw materials. There are many half done or missing small pieces. All materials are on order to complete the rest of the run from the referrals from videos on youtube.

All machines are busy making what they can and even down to the little ones. Here is one of our 3d printers making the plastic inserts for the front of the square. They used to be painted but found this faster, more precise and looked better when finished.

Extrusion based low cost 3d printers are great for this kind of thing.

Chips are flying

Keith Rucker over at posted another video today using our Spindle Square. He did a great job demonstrating how to get your mill all trammed in and alternative methods to doing it.

We had a few referrals as a result. Well more than a few … Production is stepping up to make sure they make it out in a timely manner. I thought I should share some video and photos so folks who have placed orders can see some progress on their Squares.

In the following video you can see the saw cut 416 Stainless Spindle rods having a fillet added to make sure it goes easily into your collet:

Here you can see a photo one of the bodies being milled out the CNC Bed Mill:

In Progress:

Right now we have all indicators, and materials on order. We expect those in by the end of the week. Ideally we catch up with the backlog in the next 2-3 weeks.

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