Rotary Degausser – Demagnetizing Tool

Rotary Degausser – Demagnetizing Tool


Have you ever picked up a an alley key, a screw driver, or other tool and noticed it has become magnetized? It ends up covered in little bits of metal chips, filings or shavings making it hard to use. We developed a Rotary Degausser that can quickly remove the magnetic field from those tools. Just chuck up the Rotary Degausser and run the tool under it for 30 seconds and remove the magnetic field so your tools will be ready to do the job they were intended for.


  • Dimensions:
    • Overall 1″ x 2-1/16″
    • Shank 1/4″
  • Materials:
    • Body – Nylon 12 – Made in USA
    • Cap – Rigid Plastic
    • Magnets – N52 Rare Earth
    • Shank – Stainless Steel


    1. Remove existing chips from item you are trying to demagnetize using a micro fiber cloth or similar.
    2. Mount the Rotary Degausser in the chuck of a drill press, mill, or hand drill and run it between 300-1500 RPM.
    3. Very carefully run the item underneath of the cap of the Rotary Degausser in a slow back and forth motion for 20-40 seconds.


Rotary Degausser $12.50

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