Yearly Archive2021


Out of Stock Update

Our Supplier let us know we are expecting a the shipment to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.


Why are some items out of Stock?

We have some supplier/manufacture delays on the SAE Dial Indicators we utilize for our Spindle Square kits. We were supposed to be supplied in May but are hopeful to get our shipment in June.


Unboxing a Metric Spindle Square

Aaron from Aaron Engineering on Youtube just published this video giving a quick unboxing of one our Metric Spindle Squares. He also gave her a quick try on his desktop drill press. The initial tram was actually pretty impressive!


Minor Shipping Delays 2/12/21-2/19/21

We are experiencing some abnormal weather conditions that have caused power and internet outages. It also has caused some delays with supply shipments. Please expect orders to take an additional 2-4 business days during this week as the ice thaws out and services start to return to normal.

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