We use Fusion 360 for most of our design work. It is very powerful cloud based software solution that allows for easy collaboration. It allows us to quickly imagine and test a part in software before ever cutting metal or extruding plastic.

Subtractive Manufacturing

We have several CNC machines were we run production and prototypes.

  • CNC Bed Mill with a 1200pd table capacity and 30x18x24″ of travel
  • Light Duty CNC Mill with a 12k spindle used for engraving or detailed work
  • CNC Gang Style Lathe used for light production runs
  • CNC 4×4 plasma table used to rough out larger plate

Additive Manufacturing

We employ several 3d printers for different purposes. They are great prototype machines being able to create 3d objects to demonstrate a piece. It often takes less time to print a part then to program the CAD and Cut a piece out of a material. We also will use the printers for light production work for cosmetic pieces. When high detail work is required or high dimensional accurate pieces we work with outside companies for almost any material from stainless to nylon.

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