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Inventory and Supply

You may notice we are out of stock on several items. We have had difficulties getting cases as they are also used for sporting goods purposes. The manufacture can’t keep up to recent demand and we have had several large ordered cancelled. Also our Dial Indicators we have been using for over a year has had some supply issues due to Covid-19 and tariffs. We expect to be back in stock on all items in 4-6 weeks from the date of this post.

We try to buy in the largest quantity we can to overcome the supply issues but we have finally overrun our supply and have large quantities on order with multiple suppliers. We will be testing new dial indicators and other cases as replacements but so far the ones we have tested haven’t measured up to our standards.

Unfortunately these issues also may lead to a price increase we can’t avoid as the cost has increased 25-40% in some cases. We will do our best to reduce this and keep the best quality products for our customers.

We apologize for the inconvenience and please contact us if you have any questions.

Wonderful Bridgeport Restoration

Check out this amazing restoration in progress of a classic Bridgeport. Mark used one of our Drag Engravers to build the scales for the different axis. They came out nicer then when they were made in the factory.

Metric Spindle Square Mention on Youtube

Mark Presling was kind enough to mention us on his YouTube channel when talking about what the budget is for owning a BridgePort style milling machine. We appreciate the mention and the note around our hometown. We would suggest checking out some of his other very educational videos. The series on marking and finishing is very interesting.

We plan to list our Metric Spindle Squares soon. If you are interested in one please contact us.

Custom Spindle Squares

Do you have a custom router and can’t find an easy way to tram it in? We offer custom shanks for all of our spindle squares to fit the limited z length in many router applications. We can also change the shank size to the needs of your spindle. Just drop us a note with your specifications and we will be in touch with a quote. Here are a few examples:

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Custom order off to Canada … 3/8 shaft for 1 in

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Shipping Delays Due to COVID-19

We are experiencing some supply and shipping delays due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We are still operating and processing orders it has impacted how quickly we can get some orders out and how long they take to get to our customers. When we receive an order we will let our customers know the estimated ETA to ship.

International Orders have been hit the hardest. We are experiencing long delays in European customs. In some cases we have seen up to 7 weeks to process through. Due to this we will only be quoting express shipping internationally to insure better tracking of packages and quicker deliveries.

Practical Machinist Article

Our Spindle Square was mentioned in a great article on Practical Machinist on 2/4/19. The article discusses different mechanisms for tramming a machine and links to a video of Keith Rucker using our Spindle Square and to our Ebay auctions. As a result of the article we are getting some higher than expected order volume so orders are delayed a few days while we build up the backlog. Please keep in contact with us if you have any questions.

Metric Spindle Squares Underway!

We have started working on Metric Spindle Squares. It will be a few weeks before production gets up to where we publish them for sale. Here is a picture from our Instagram showing the first one off the line and another of the renders. Please contact us if you would like to pre-order a set.

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First Metric Spindle Square off the line! #spindlesquare

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