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Wood Creek Workshop Give Away

Please check out Wood Creek Workshop’s Youtube Channel where he is giving away one of our MagPens.

Randy Richard in the Shop

Randy just did a wonderful video demonstrating how to tram in your bridgeport style milling machine utilizing one of our Adjustable Spindle Squares. He does a great job showing how you reference the gauges and the back and forth that can occur as you tighten down the bolts on the head.

Drag Engraving Circuit Boards

Twitter user _MG_ has been utilizing our adjustable drag engraver to make very detailed circuit boards. He did a good overview video over on twitter:

New Adjustable Drag Engraver

We have had requests to build a drag engraver that allowed for adjustment. This is very useful when engraving delicate objects such copper clad in PCB circuit board prototyping. The new product is listed on our drag engraver product page. It allows the end user to swap springs and adjust using a setscrew at the back of the engraver. We include an extra lighter weight spring with the order.

Mag Pen and Drag Engraver Features on Abom79

Adam was nice enough to test out a couple of our products. We highly recommend checking out his youtube channel. He is a very knowledgeable individual with great content.

New Shop Build

We are replacing our existing shop with a new facility with greater power, better noise insulation, a stronger floor and better venting. During this time we expect to continue business until we sell out of our inventory. We are hoping to be operational again in 2-3 months. The demolition is scheduled to begin at the end of February 2019.

Inventory is limited but we have been working hard to build a surplus over the last few months. Once it is sold out we will mark the page and provide a newsletter signup to keep up to date when production starts back up.

Shipping Price Changes

We will be raising our shipping prices to match what USPS rate hike on first class and priority mail. The changes appear minor for most of our shipment needs but customers may notice a slight change:

USPS Announces Postage Rate Increase – Starts January 27, 2019

As always we combine shipping where possible.

OOO 11/14/18 – 11/16/18

Communications may be slower then normal and orders may be delayed until the next business day.

New Product Announcement – Mag Pen

We have released our new Mag Pen. It is a magnetic sweep to easily clean up magnetic chips from your machine jobs.

Summer Vacation

We are taking a few weeks off to enjoy our families and the summer.  We will be returning during the last week of June.   Please drop us an email if you have any questions.

Now this being said it doesn’t mean there isn’t progress being done.  We also have a new prototype in the works for a CNC Drag Engraver.   After we get back we will start to look for beta testers so if you have interest please drop us a note.  This engraver is a bit different as it will let you use carbide or diamond bits which will cost between $.05-$10 and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.   We are hoping to price the engraver around the $30 mark.



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